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I would like to start off by telling you that until recently I had no real interest in shooting, but, as is often the case, I found myself in a situation where I had to get some well informed, reliable information and instruction fast. This I received from UKSHOOTINGSUPPLIES.COM and LOCHMABEN SHOOTING SUPPLIES and very grateful I was for it too!

The back story to this is that for a number of years my wife and I were keen to give up our nine-to-five jobs in Glasgow and set ourselves up as smallholders. We had looked at a number of different mini-farms over about 3 years but for one reason or another they just weren’t right for us. Then about a year ago I came across an advert on the internet for a place in south-west Scotland that looked absolutely ideal. We visited, were not disappointed and within a couple of months our lives had turned upside down. We had given up our jobs, sold our house and moved to the country ~ we were farmers!!

With the smallholding we inherited a number of hens, there were about 30 of them, and this is where our problem lay (no pun intended!).

The previous occupants had employed a free range approach, in that they had gone out and scattered food around the yard for the hens who just wandered willy-nilly pecking as they went. This meant that there was an abundance of left-over feed around the place and also, given the freedom the hens had to roam the property, eggs were laid in any number of nooks and crannies. As the days passed we noticed that the wooden hen house and feed bins were gnawed through at the bottom corners, and then, finally, we started to spot the culprits. Big, sleek, shiny, well fed RATS!

In other articles in this series I will cover the various steps we took to eliminate the rats from our property; however, this one deals with airgun pellets and what Carl Dawber explained to me about them when I approached UKSHOOTINGSUPPLIES.COM and LOCHMABEN SHOOTING SUPPLIES about my rodent situation.

Never having been involved in shooting I had no idea what the difference was between a bullet, a cartridge and a pellet. Carl explained to me that airgun pellets look like badminton shuttlecocks (they really do!) and they are made specifically to be fired from an airgun. They are not like the bullets used in firearms as airguns can be operated at a lower atmospheric pressure than a firearm could cope with.

Carl Dawber of UKSHOOTING SUPPLIES and LOCHMABEN SHOOTING SUPPLIES told me that for many years lead has been the preferred material for pellets, but nowadays alloys are becoming increasingly popular because they can travel at greater velocities without tumbling (a shock wave is created behind the pellet but when it goes sub sonic the shock wave catches up to the pellet and can cause it to begin dipping). Some pellets may also have longer skirts to give them more stability.

When I explained my predicament Carl was then able to decide which type of pellet was most suited to my needs. The pellet you choose very much depends on what you want it for, so the one I would require may differ from that needed by someone who is competing on a shooting range. UKSHOOTINGSUPPLIES.COM and LOCHMABEN SHOOTING SUPPLIES have the experience to ensure you get exactly the right one for the job.

UKSHOOTINGSUPPLIES.COM and LOCHMABEN SHOOTING SUPPLIES were able to provide me with domed pellets which are recognised as having a good shooting range and contain greater energy retention for shooting live targets. I also took the advice of Carl Dawber at UKSHOOTINGSUPPLIES.COM and LOCHMABEN SHOOTING SUPPLIES and purchased some hollow point pellets for shooting larger targets, such as rabbits, of which we also have a significant number. These pellets have the greatest impact of any as they expand and need an airgun powerful enough to cope with this, which mine is, but do check with UKSHOOTINGSUPPLIES.COM and Lochmaben Shooting if you are unsure about your own.

UKSHOOTINGSHOOTINGSUPPLIES.COM and LOCHMABEN SHOOTING SUPPLIES can, with over 20 years experience with all types of airguns and pellets, also talk to you about the flat headed wadcutter type pellet, which is often the preferred choice of the target shooter; however they can also be a good choice for hunting and pest control situations because of their excellent impact and limited penetration. The wadcutter pellet requires a low-powered airgun and it does take a little practice to know just exactly how to correctly manoeuvre the pellet. Talk to Carl Dawber at UKSHOOTINGSUPPLIES.COM and LOCHMABEN SHOOTING SUPPLIES on 01387 808757 and he will keep you right, as he did for me.

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